website is designed and developed with front-end and back-end completely by Liby Lee (Ziyang Li, as his formal name). This website front-end includes front-stage pages:, and back-stage: Admin Panel. The back-end is built solely on ExpressJs of NodeJs. Further dependencies I used to develop this site is listed below.

The first complete version of this website is distributed on Oct. 12, 2016. This is an updated version using lots of libraries that liby developed on my own, like keeling-js and ejs-alt and its related plugins.

I developed this website with enormous enjoyment. Here appreciate to all of my friends and my family who gave words and encouraged me. Thanks you so much. If you have any concern, please email to or just directly send me private messages at the bottom of Me page.

我在开发这个网站的时候觉得非常的开心,在此感谢所有我的朋友和家人和他们提供的建议。如果您有任何疑问,请发送邮件到,或者直接前往 这个页面的底端给我发送站内私信。也十分感谢您的来访