Animation Control

Parameter Control

These parameters will give the rule of when the cell could born or die

You can adjust the zoom in level by adjusting the size of each cell

Edit Tool

You can click on the board to draw live cells.

When the Erase radio is selected, you can erace the live cells also.

Paint Erase

Interesting Presets

Click on any of these buttons to generate a preset on the preset location.

You can adjust the preset location in the lower part of this page.

Better created when the screen is cleared and paused.

Still Lifes

Lifes that stay still


Lifes that animate with a certain period


Lifes that can move toward a direction

Gosper's Glider Gun

****** TRY ME! and see what will happen! ******


****** You should set the cell size to 2 while both preset x and y are 163.5 and try out this one ******

Preset Location

Contact & Info

Liby Lee

Programmer & Designer

Email: liby99@icloud.com

This program is only for study use. It is open source and you can use it anyway you want. No certification is needed. I really hope this could help you!


Game Of Life

Program by Liby

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